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Ian Walkers Gottfried Fuchs Blog aus Wales:

Ein besonderer Webtipp für alle KFVler: Ian Walker aus Wales führt einen Fußballgeschichtsblog (über die Zeit 1872-1937) mit dem Namen des ehemaligen KFV-Stürmers "Gottfried Fuchs du bist ein Fußballgott": http://gottfriedfuchs.blogspot.de/.

Der 47jährige Waliser ist eigentlich Fan von Swansea City Football Club. Wie kam er dazu seinen Blog nach der KFV-Ikone zu bennenen? Lassen wir ihn selbst zu Wort kommen:

Back in the summer I was thinking about starting a blog about the early history of football in different countries. At this time a German friend of mine also mentioned the fact that Germany had once beaten Russia 16-0. I had heard of Gottfried Fuchs as being a record goalscorer, and when I read up on this game I realised that it was then that he had scored his famous ten goals in one match. I also became interested in his life story.

At about this time I had also watched a film of Germany's 1954 World Cup win against Hungary (again), and when i heard Herr Zimmermann's famous comment on the great Toni Turek - Toni du bist ein fussballgott- I thought that if Fuchs was playing today that commentators would have spoken about him in this way. So I chose this as the title of my blog.

I have since changed the name to The History of Association Football Before the D (you know the D was added to the penalty box in 1937?)
I add about two posts per day- I try and cover teams, players and tournaments from all over the world from 1872-1937.

I have always admired German football but I have never really favoured any particular club- maybe from now on I should say that I support Karlsruher FV?
Thank you very much for your interest in my modest project,